The Perfect Son will be taking place at the Barbara Barrett Theatre April 11-14, 2019.

Auditions are taking place at the St. John's Arts and Culture Centre on Thursday January 10 and Friday January 11 7-9pm. These will be group auditions; you may be asked to read for multiple roles. No preparation necessary; sides will be provided. If needed, callbacks will take place on Saturday, January 12. We are auditioning for:

ANNALISE (FEMALE, LATE TEENS/EARLY TWENTIES): Caspar's daughter. Rich, spoiled, irresponsible. She has no interest in anything other than herself, but she eventually begins to notice that what's happening around her isn't right.

CASPAR (MALE, FORTIES): Priest and esteemed religious leader. Charismatic and conniving. He is determined to preserve his power at any cost.

HAYDEN (MALE, TWENTIES/THIRTIES): The King. Wild, care-free, larger than life. He rules by minding his own business, while having a good time.

I.J. (MALE, TWENTIES): Friend and follower. Angry, disturbed,scared. He is deeply troubled by where things are headed, and can no longer remain silent.

JOSH (MALE, TWENTIES):Friend and follower. Kind, caring, open-minded. He is the heart of the group and welcomes anyone and everyone.

MAGGIE (FEMALE, TWENTIES/THIRTIES): New to the group. Smart, brave, devoted. She's had a difficult past, but is determined to move past it and make a difference.

MARGARET (FEMALE, FIFTIES): Young Man's mother. Scared, but strong. She fears what's in store for her son, but supports him wholeheartedly.

MAXWELL (MALE, TWENTIES/THIRTIES): Friend and follower. Smart, quiet, reserved. He is very aware of what is happening around him, but is unsure of what to do about it.

PENNY (FEMALE, TWENTIES/THIRTIES):Friend and follower, but also a strong leader. She is doing everything she can to keep the group on course, but she begins to doubt.

PORTIA (FEMALE, THIRTIES/FORTIES):Government leader. Poised, sharp, unwavering. She holds her ground and stands by her decisions, but this becomes increasingly difficult.

SELMA (FEMALE, TWENTIES/THIRTIES): Friend and follower. Emotional, scared, angry. She wants to do good, but is unable to handle the increasingly dangerous circumstances.

YOUNG MAN (MALE, LATE TWENTIES/EARLY THIRTIES): Kind, loving, steadfast. He is scared, but fully accepting of what is to come.

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